MANCA 3rd Annual Volleyball Tournament - Nov 05, 2016


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Rules & Guidelines

  1. Tournament is opened for all Malayalees
  2. Teams can register up to a maximum of 10 players (including substitute players).
  3. Team can be comprised of all men/ all women/ mixed (men and women) players.
  4. Teams are allowed to have (not more than) ONE non-malayalee Indian player. This player has to be a Libero (defensive position)
  5. Each player is allowed to be part of only one of the registered teams.
  6. There is a registration fee of $100 per team.
  7. First 16 registered teams will be considered for the tournament for logistic reason
  8. This tournament will be based on the rules set forth by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) - Please read the rules by clicking on the link FIVB RULES
  9. Detail rules for MANCA volleyball tournament -2016 can be viewed here

Registration for this event has been closed.
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